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Roof Integrated Solar Thermal

Clearline solar heating panels are installed to replace the tiles on the roof for a cleaner, simpler installation

The choice of two panel sizes, together with options to install either side by side or spaced apart on the roof gives designers a wide range of options to integrate renewable energy and remain in harmony with the building.

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low profile integrated solar panels


Better looking, better for roof maintenance, why would you do it any other way?

Why Choose Clearline?

  • Low profile - panel thickness to match rolling tiles
  • Sleek - invisible clamps and hidden pipework for uncluttered aesthetic
  • Rapid - rapid push-fit flashings create weather-tight and secure fixing
  • Simple - no need for roof modifications, separation of roofing and plumbing works
  • Durable - properly tested as a building material
  • Compatible - kits for slate and tile

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Whatever your Roof

Purpose-designed installation kits for both tile or slate roofs build on traditional skills found in construction and the patented push-fit flashing ensures rapid and durable installation. Roofing works are completely separated from plumbing or electrical connection, which can occur later from inside the roof to give more flexible installation options.

Solar Water Heating

Also available is the smartly packaged Clearline pump station. An electronic controller compares the temperature in the solar thermal panel with the temperature of water in the cylinder, switching on a pump to transfer heat between the two when the solar panel is warmer.

Viridian Solar can also supply twin coil hot water cylinders.

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