Solar Case Study

Case Study

CF001 Linkwood Road, Drumchapel, Glasgow

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Mast Architects


McTaggart Group


Parker Energy


48 New Homes


Clearline fusion PV16-270PW


60.2 kWp


December 2020

Linkwood Drive is a development of 134 homes for affordable rent in the Drumchapel area of Glasgow for both Cernach and Glasgow Housing Associations. A mixture of family houses comprising two, three and four bedroom properties as well as cottage flats and single storey homes for wheelchair users were constructed over several phases by McTaggart Construction, with whom Viridian Solar signed a group deal in April 2019.

The featured site comprises 48 homes for Cernach Housing Association with roof integrated Clearline fusion solar PV installed by Parker Energy. Homes were built to meet the standards of Scottish Building Regulations Section 7 Silver Aspects 1 to 8, with the use of photovoltaic panels in addition to a robust fabric specification.

Ivan Aitken, General Manager at Parker Energy said:

"This is just one of many sites we've worked on with McTaggart Construction in a long standing working relationship that goes back many years. For us this site was a continuation from another site we were working on for McTaggart’s that was further up the same street and can be seen in the background of the aerial photo."

"Parker Energy have been a long standing supporter of Viridian Solar due to its excellent wind loading capabilities, fire rating, its ease of install and its value for money compared to its quality."