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Case Study

CF007 Luton Borough Council, UK

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The Greenway Solar


30 Homes


Clearline fusion PV16-300


36 kWp


December 2021

Luton Borough Council has around 7,800 properties under management including houses and flats of both traditional and non-traditional construction.

The Council already has solar PV on approximately 300 homes, many of these financed under Rent-a-Roof schemes that were made possible by the generous Feed-in-Tariff support available at the time. Nowadays, solar is treated as an integrated part of asset management, with installation funded through the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) explains Abdul Kahir, Housing Asset Manager:

"We now aim to combine the installation of solar with our general maintenance programme. In this project the homes were scheduled for re-roofing, so we were able to complete the installation of solar PV, battery storage and insulation improvements all at the same time as renewing the roof covering. We benefit from efficiency gains and cost savings from doing this work all together. "

Danny Hirst, Director at The Greenway Solar, the installers for the project adds:

"We've been installing between 8 and 20 Clearline fusion panels per house, depending on available roof space, and combining this with a hybrid inverter and battery storage up to 8.2kWh. The council's previous experience was of solar systems that fitted above the roof, but it now prefers to install roof-integrated solar to avoid pigeon nuisance and potential maintenance issues such as roof leaks. "