Solar Case Study

Case Study

CF012 Minchinhampton School, Stroud, Gloucestershire

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Primary Academy School


Solarsense UK


Clearline fusion PV16-335 G1


42 kWp


September 2022

Minchinhampton Academy School in Stroud had adopted an 'Eco Curriculum' and was keen to showcase sustainability. The school's huge south facing roof made solar panels an obvious choice to reduce its carbon footprint whilst also reducing energy costs.

The project was financed by Gloucester Community Energy Co-operative (GCEC). Local investors contributed to the cost of the project and in return are repaid with interest over 25 years financed by the sale of low-cost solar generated electricity to the school. In this case a total of 70,000 was raised from individuals that invested between 250 and 10,000 receiving 2.5% in interest per year. This would then be repaid over a period of 25 years after which the solar installation is handed over to the school which then benefits from completely free power.

Clearline fusion roof integrated solar was chosen and installed by Solarsense UK, Ollie Fowler, Lead Project Manager said:

"The structure of the roof would not allow for a traditional on-roof system, going in-roof was our only option and the PV16-335 G1 roof integrated solar panel offers the highest quality and aesthetics and the roofing kits work seamlessly with the slate tile. It is estimated the system will generate approximately 42,000 kWh per year allowing the school to reduce its carbon footprint by 8 tonnes annually, as well as hugely reducing their electricity bills. We were extremely proud to be part of this project."

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