Solar Case Study

Case Study

CF014 De Rietpluimen,Kortgene, The Netherlands

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At a Glance


36 Homes


Clearline fusion PV16-300


42.00 kWp



Clearline fusion roof integrated solar has been installed on a real estate development by Estuarium Vastgoed BV, built by Bouwbedrijf De Delta BV. De Stadspolder is a new housing estate near Kortgene in the Netherlands consisting of a number of sub-projects of which De Rietpluimen is one.

With 36 homes of four different design types including two terraced and corner homes, two-under-one-detached homes as well as detached and semi-detached houses, De Rietpluimen has a striking feature in that the detached and semi-detached houses have thatched roofs in which Clearline fusion roof integrated solar panels have been installed by Dutch Green LightHouse. Employees at Dutch Green LightHouse attended installation training at the Viridian Solar Experience Center in Ruurlo ahead of the project.

Wolf Leenderts, Owner of Dutch Green LightHouse, explained the choice for Clearline fusion:

"Viridian Solar's Clearline fusion roof integrated solar panels have the great advantage that no plastic materials are used in the system. In addition, due to the specific design of this solar PV array, Clearline fusion has more than 10 centimeters of free space underneath the panels which ensures optimum ventilation and panel efficiency."