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solar panels and matching roof window

Concept Roof Unveiled at Ecobuild

Viridian Solar Demonstrates Prototype Roof Window System

March 2015

At Ecobuild this year, Viridian Solar is showing a concept roof comprising Clearline solar thermal and solar PV panels joined by a high quality roof window with matching size and looks.

"The idea is to get feedback on this idea", explains Stuart Elmes, CEO of Viridian Solar, "we've convinced ourselves that it would be possible to offer a high quality roof window that fits in harmoniously with our roof integrated solar panels, we now need to figure out whether it's something people want. We are really looking forward to hearing what people think."

The roof window is the same size as the Clearline V15 solar thermal panel and the Clearline PV15 solar photovoltaic panel and installs with the exact same roofing detail to create a coherent looking mixture of solar thermal, solar PV panels and windows. The prototype window was manufactured for Viridian Solar by Belgian partner Nordag.