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Clearline fusion Turns a Corner

New flashing kits expand options for integrated solar system

May 2016

Clearline Fusion, Viridian Solar's flagship PV roofing system has turned a corner as five new flashing kits for forming stepped-in or stepped-out arrays are announced. Previously limited to rectangular shapes, the new kits open up possibilities for close-coupled rows of roof integrated solar panels of different numbers. This is useful for fitting solar onto hipped roofs and valleys or combination with other roofing features such as roof windows.

"This year we have accelerated our product development programme for fusion," said Stuart Elmes, CEO of Viridian Solar. "In recent weeks we have announced an expanded range of modules with higher power 270Wp modules added to the 250Wp modules already available. We have launched specialist fixings for Scottish slate roofs (the first of their kind to be tested to MCS012). Now, these corner kits widen the applicability of our fusion system to every roof you're likely to come across."

Clearline fusion comes with universal flashing kits that are compatible with both slate and tile roofs, while a market-leading wind resistance means you can install in the edge zone of the roof or in exposed locations.

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