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Clearline fusion Available in Landscape

New Flashings Increase Flexibility of Roofing Layouts

March 2017

Roof Integrated Solar in landscape orientation

Viridian Solar is pleased to announce the addition of landscape flashings to its highly successful Clearline Fusion range of roof integrated solar panels. New flashings that allow panels to be installed in the roof with the long edge to the base will be available from late April.

"Roof integrated panels in landscape orientation are useful for fitting around roof obstructions like dormer windows." said Stuart Elmes, CEO at Viridian Solar, "We see these new products positioning the Clearline fusion range for a future where homes are fitted with more and more powerful PV solar systems. The landscape orientation is useful for fitting closer to the edges of the roof along the roof slope and this will become more important as demand for larger PV systems increases."

"With modules from 260Wp to 300Wp, in polycrystalline or monocrystalline, for fitting in portrait and landscape orientation to either tile or slate roofs, with fixings for Scottish sarking roofs, and step-in and step-out array shapes there is simply no other high-quality fully-integrated solar system that comes close to matching Clearline fusion."

Landscape flashings will initially be available in kits to form rectangular arrays, with corner flashings similar to those already available for portrait installation under development for launch later in 2017.

Please contact us for details on pricing