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Viridian Solar Launches Dutch Subsidiary

Viridian Solar BV is now holding stock in Netherlands to supply EU customers

August 2019

Dutch solar roof

Home with Clearline fusion in the Dutch province of Gelderland

Viridian Solar Ltd announces that its recently registered company Viridian Solar BV is now open for business, and that European wholesale partners outside of the UK will be placing new orders with the subsidiary company. Stocks of Clearline fusion roof-integrated solar panels and roofing kits are held at its dedicated warehouse facility in Ruurlo, Netherlands, and the company is already bringing products from its Far East supply chain into the EU customs territory via Rotterdam, so by-passing UK ports.

Stuart Elmes, CEO of Viridian Solar explained:

" Demand for our high-quality in-roof solar system has been growing quickly in the Netherlands and Scandinavian markets and more recently in Germany and Austria. Customers should be reassured, that whatever the twists and turns of Brexit, we have put in place measures to ensure continuity of support and reliable availability of goods. Our Netherlands subsidiary has been many months in the planning, and is a clear demonstration of our commitment to customers in these markets. "

Mark Poutsma, Country Sales Manager for Benelux added:

" It is great news that Viridian Solar products will now be available closer to the market. Our message to customers in Benelux and other countries is clear - whatever the politicians come up with next - hard Brexit, soft Brexit, no Brexit, the required measures are already in place and Viridian Solar is very much open for business. "

Viridian Solar BV

Registered Address: Van Bylandtachterstraat 24, unit 6, 5046 MB Tilburg, The Netherlands

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