Viridian Solar News

New Higher Power Modules Available

October 2019

Roof integrated solar panels

Viridian Solar today announces a new, higher-power module for its Clearline fusion solar roofing system. The new PV16-320 is rated at 320Wp, offering benefits where the available roof area is limited or where customers want the highest possible energy yield from their roof. The new module is available in stock in both UK and Netherlands warehouses.

Jamie Berryman, Sales Director at Viridian Solar, described how the new product will help the company address new markets :

" We have found that customers in the home-improvement and self-build sectors tend to prefer higher-power modules. Our new PV16-320 60-cell module positions Clearline fusion alongside premium module brands such as LG and Panasonic, but with the added benefits that come with the Clearline fusion roof-integration system. Customers who want high power modules no longer need to comprise on their in-roof mounting system. With Clearline fusion they can choose a system made from high-quality, durable materials and with the highest fire and wind-loading certifications. "

With the introduction of the PV16-320, the 280Wp PV16-280 will remain available in limited numbers for customers with ongoing projects. Upcoming projects should use modules from the new range.