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Viridian Solar and Kingspan Unidek in New Collaboration

Companies Work Together to Assess the Wind Resistance of SIPS Pitched Roofing with Integrated Solar Panels

May 2020

Roof window with in-roof solar

Sample of Unidek Aero pitched roof panels with Clearline fusion solar panels ready for wind resistance testing

Viridian Solar today announces a new collaboration with Kingspan Unidek, the leading manufacturer of SIPs pitched roofing (Structural Insulated Panels). The two companies worked together to test the resistance to wind loading a combined roof made up of Clearline fusion roof integrated solar panels and Unidek Aero SIPs panels.

SIPs panel roofing is becoming increasingly popular due to its high thermal performance and speed of installation compared to traditionally constructed rafter roofing. This is particularly so in the Netherlands where construction companies and architects have enthusiastically embraced this approach to roofing.

Kingspan Unidek's SIPs panels are made up of a foam insulation core of graphite-coated expanded polystyrene sandwiched between two structural facings, with embedded structural ribs of softwood timber and counter-battens bonded to the top facing. The panels are typically lifted into place with a crane and secured to purlins, allowing the roof to be constructed very quickly. The roof is often finished with traditional tiles on timber battens.

Roof window with in-roof solar

KT Tan, Chief Technical Officer at Viridian Solar explained why it was important to perform the tests:

" The structure of a roof made from SIPs panels is completely unlike that of a conventional roof. You simply cannot test the wind resistance of solar panels attached to roof made of rafters and battens and assume that something as different as a SIPs roof will have the same performance. As it turned out, the strength of the combination of Unidek Aero and Clearline fusion exceeded the capacity of the laboratory test rig, so the wind resistance rating achieved is the maximum possible. I would like to thank colleagues at Kingspan Unidek for the help and advice that they provided. "

Marco van Haandel, Product Manager at Kingspan Unidek added:

" It is great that companies such as Viridian Solar also places a strong emphasis on testing and accreditation of building products. Having confidence to combine the most-sold pitched roof element in the Netherlands with an aesthetically-pleasing roof-integrated solar PV system is a real win-win for customers. "