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Viridian Solar Announces Collaboration with Marley

Roofing Products Manufacturer Marley Adds Solar PV to its Full Roof System

July 2020

Roof with in-roof integrated solar

The Marley SolarTile®. Image Credit: Marley Ltd

Viridian Solar and Marley announce that the two companies have entered into a collaboration which will see Marley offer its customers a roof-integrated solar system based on the solar manufacturer's popular Clearline fusion products.

Marley has a 100-year pedigree as a manufacturer of pitched roofing systems and is the only UK manufacturer offering all elements of a full roof system including clay and concrete tiles, shingles, tile battens, underlay and accessories such as dry-fix and ventilation systems. Marley is enhancing its full roof system, which benefits from a 15-year warranty, with the addition of Marley SolarTile®.

Stuart Elmes, CEO at Viridian Solar said:

" It's great to be working alongside such a respected and well-known company as Marley. We have long held that no re-roofing project should be undertaken without solar. Roof access is already paid for, trades are on site and with roof-integrated solar providing a saving on tiles it just makes sense to coordinate roofing maintenance projects with energy efficiency and climate change goals. The Marley Full Roof System has proven to be very appealing to specifiers of major re-roofing projects such as local authorities and housing associations due to its extended warranty and single point of responsibility. We are excited about the prospect this collaboration provides to create new markets for solar in the Repair, Maintenance and Improvement (RMI) sector. "

Stuart Nicholson, Sales Director at Marley said:

" With legislation changes expected to follow the Future Homes Standard consultation, both specification and household demand for PV solutions is expected to increase. We assessed a range of roof-integrated solar systems before choosing Viridian Solar due to its product quality and market leading performance, which fitted well with our brand. Backed by our 15-year roof system guarantee, our new Marley SolarTile® range achieves exceptional fire performance, wind resistance and weather tightness and is the perfect answer for any solar roof vision. "