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Viridian Solar will Double the Trees Planted for Each Clearline fusion Solar Panel

January 2021

Beech Developments

Since July 2020, Viridian Solar has been planting a tree for every Clearline fusion solar panel that is bought - the Fusion Forest initiative.

Now, we need your help to plant even more trees.

Enter our Fusion Forest photo competition by posting an image of your installation on social media with a #fusionforest241 hashtag and we will plant an extra tree for every Clearline fusion solar panel in the photo. Whats more, we will enter you into our prize draw with a chance to win a gift token every month.

win prizes plant trees


  • The competition runs from 1 January 31st March 2021 inclusive.
  • Only images of Clearline fusion solar panel installations can be entered.
  • The image needs to be posted on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook and hashtagged #fusionforest241.
  • We will count how many Clearline fusion panels are in the photo and plant an extra additional tree for each one we count. For example, a roof with 6 panels means six extra trees will be planted for a total of 12 trees.
  • The roof does not have to be completely finished and tiled, but the solar panel and flashing installation should be complete.
  • We cannot guarantee all entries submitted will be seen and logged but we will endeavour to monitor social media and include all entries we see.
  • All entries we record each month will be entered into a prize draw. A winner will be drawn by a random number generator and announced at the end of that month.
  • The prize is a 250 or 250 gift voucher and the winner can choose from one of the following, Amazon, John Lewis or Selfridges.
  • You can enter multiple times with different photos but we reserve the right to exclude repetitive photos of the same installation.

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