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Viridian Solar Extends its Range with Higher Power Solar Panels

Clearline fusion Breaks Through Three Panels per Kilowatt-peak

February 2021

New Modules

Viridian Solar today announces the latest addition to its Clearline fusion range of roof integrated solar with the addition of new panels at a power of 335Wp and 340Wp per module. Available to customers in mainland Europe from May and in the UK from June 2021, the new options mean that for the first time high-quality in-roof solar can be installed with only three panels per kWp.

A higher power rating makes roof-integrated solar an even more cost effective option for customers since fewer panels and roofing kits are needed to reach a given energy target, with knock-on benefits for installation time too.

The new panels also mark a move away from a 156mm cell size for the company. Cells of this size have been the industry standard for many years but many manufacturers are re-tooling factories to manufacture PV modules based on larger cell sizes and for its new Clearline fusion panels Viridian Solar has opted for mono-crystalline PERC G1 cells at 158.75mm.

The increase in cell size has a knock-on effect on the overall dimensions of the panel, so compatible G1 roofing kits will be available alongside the new G1 modules. The company has taken the opportunity to change the colour of the roofing kits to an anthracite grey, which tones better with the panels to further improves aesthetics for the larger installations that are becoming more common.

new G1 Flashings

The G1 Flashings are darker in colour

Jamie Berryman, CSO at Viridian Solar said:

"With a power output per m2 that ranks amongst the highest available, our new G1 panels will become the most cost-effective way to deliver many specifications. We anticipate that new building regulations together with the electrification of heating and transport will mean our homes need more and more solar fitted. The PV16-G1 gives solar installers and housing developers the right tools to meet the challenges ahead. "

KT Tan, CTO at Viridian Solar added:

" The half-cut cells in our G1 modules bring a number of technical benefits. The format reduces resistance losses in cell connections resulting in a greater overall panel efficiency. Also, because the cells are in two separate strings within each panel, shading that cuts across the short length of the panel will reduce output by less. We also anticipate improved performance under spot shading and greater resistance to mechanical stress. "

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