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Taylor Wimpey East Scotland and Viridian Solar Work Together to Promote Tree Planting

Calderwood Development Will Result in Hundreds of Trees Being Planted

March 2021

New homes with roof integrated solar

Taylor Wimpey development at Calderwood

Viridian Solar and Taylor Wimpey East Scotland have launched a jointly-developed marketing initiative at the national housebuilder's Calderwood development near Livingston.

In 2020 the roof-integrated solar specialist launched it's Fusion Forest programme - pledging to plant a tree for every Clearline fusion solar panel that is installed. The promotion will let househunters at Calderwood know about the tree planting, and highlight the energy efficiency and low energy bills of newly built homes.

A typical house at the development is fitted with five solar panels, generating around 1,150kWh each year - enough to heat the water to make 36,000 cups of tea.*

Stuart Elmes, CEO at Viridian Solar said:

" We are really pleased to be working with Taylor Wimpey East Scotland to promote Fusion Forest reforestation projects to buyers at the Calderwood development. I am sure they will appreciate the aesthetics of the solar panels and more importantly the extra trees planted because of them. "

Kirsty McGill, Sales and Marketing Director for Taylor Wimpey East Scotland said:

" We're really proud of the contribution and legacy that our Calderwood development in East Calder is making to Viridian Solar's Fusion Forest project. Installation of PV solar panels allows our customers to generate some of their own electricity from the sun's energy for use in their own home and contributes to the energy-efficiencies that our homes offer. To further offset our carbon footprint with planting of trees both here in Scotland and overseas is just simply the right thing to do."

* Assumptions: inlet water temp 10C, tea making water temp 100C, negligible conversion of water to steam, specific heat capacity of water 4200J/kgK, density of water 1kg/litre, volume of water in a mug of tea 300 ml, yield of solar PV panels 850kWh/kWp