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Viridian Solar Welcomes Allgreen Distribution as a New Partner

Clearline fusion Roof Integrated Solar in Denmark

February 2022

Allgreen - roof integrated solar in Denmark

Viridian Solar is pleased to announce a partnership with Allgreen Distribution that will see the company offer Clearline fusion PV panels to its customers in Denmark and the wider Nordic region.

Allgreen Distribution aims to work in long-term partnership with customers, to contribute to the green transition using technological and sustainable solutions. Based in Hedehusene, near Copenhagen, the company specialises in roof-integrated solar systems, and Clearline fusion will join tile-format solar PV modules and solar steel roofing sheets in its product portfolio.

Allgreen was founded back in 2014, but relaunched the company, in January 2021, with a clear focus on distributing sustainable energy product to large roofing enterprises and midscale roofing contractors. Allgreens main product focus revolves around integrated solar roof solutions, that will ultimately bring the green energy revolution to the consumers rooftop, enabling common people to make affordable green energy choices that will also function as a good investment.

Jamie Berryman, CSO at Viridian Solar commented:

" We are pleased to announce that we will be working with Allgreen Distribution to offer our robust and aesthetic in-roof solar PV to customers in Denmark. We have been impressed with the company's focus on product quality and customer service. "

Bo Lorentzen, CEO at Allgreen Distribution said:

"Clearline fusion roof integrated solar PV is a great addition to the range of products we offer our customers. We look forward to a successful partnership between our two companies and have already set up sales partnership up with one of Denmark more serious quality house enterprises / contractors."