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Bloor Homes Specifies ArcBox Solar Connector Enclosure for its Homes

June 2022

Bloor Homes Solar Panels

New homes at Yatton, Somerset by Bloor. Installed by Photon Energy

Viridian Solar announces that Bloor Homes has specified the use of the ArcBox solar connector enclosure on all of its new homes with solar PV systems.

The ArcBox is a fire safety device that clips around solar DC connectors as the solar panels are electrically connected by the solar installer. In the event that an installation error joining the connectors together later results in electrical arcing, the ArcBox contains the arc to reduce the risk that it will start a roof fire.

Chris Burton, Group Commercial Director at Bloor Homes said:

"To meet new building regulations and deliver lower energy bills for our customers we expect to install many more solar panels on our homes in future. We welcome this new product from Viridian Solar aimed at further improving the excellent safety record of solar panels, and are pleased to be the first UK housebuilder to specify it for the homes we build."

Jamie Berryman, Chief Sales Officer at Viridian Solar said:

"It is great to see a leading UK housebuilder like Bloor Homes getting behind our new innovative new solar safety product. We are expecting other housebuilding companies to adopt this low-cost solution to safely scaling up the deployment of solar under new regulations."