Viridian Solar News - New Higher Power Modules

Viridian Solar Extends its Range with Higher Power Solar Panels

Clearline fusion Panels Break Through 400 Watt-peak Level

September 2022

New Modules

Viridian Solar today announces a new addition to its Clearline fusion range of roof integrated solar with new panels at a rated power of 405Wp per module. Monocrystalline half cut M10 format cells are laid out in a 6x9x2 arrangement over black backsheet with black framing. Slimline cell connectors, ten for each cell, complete the specification for the last word in elegant in-roof solar.

The new M10 cells that are used for the new panel mean that the footprint is larger than existing Clearline fusion modules, so a new family of M10 compatible roofing kits for portrait and landscape installation completes the product family.

A higher power rating makes roof-integrated solar an even more cost effective option for customers since fewer panels and roofing kits are needed to reach a given energy target, with knock-on benefits for installation time too.

The new panels will be available for bulk orders from 1 March 2023. Smaller quantities may be available before then, but the company is recommending that the new product should only be committed to development projects starting after 1 March.

new M10 cell modules

Slimline cell connectors enhance aesthetics and improve panel efficiency

Jamie Berryman, CSO at Viridian Solar said:

"New Building Regulations in England, Wales and Scotland coming into force mean that many housebuilders will be looking for solar on each and every new house they build, with more powerful installations than before. The PV16-M10 gives solar installers and housing developers the right tools to meet the challenges ahead. Our Clearline Fusion integrated system is the only mainstream solar PV product where the panel and mounting system is manufactured by one company. This gives house builders improved logistics and means they can take control of the solar PV installed on their homes irrespective of the panel power. "

KT Tan, CTO at Viridian Solar added:

" In its endless quest to reduce the specific cost of solar, the industry supply chain has been transitioning to larger cell formats and panel sizes. The new M10 module keeps Viridian Solar's range in industry sweet spot so customers benefit from the most cost competitive manufacturing.

The new M10 modules are of the same high quality as the existing Clearline fusion range, with BRoof fire classification for all regions (T1 to T4) and similarly high wind uplift resistance achieved without modification to the roof timbers. As was the case for other Clearline fusion modules, the M10 exceeded the maximum pull force equipment in the test laboratory, so the slightly reduced pressure rating is due only to the increased surface area of the modules."

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