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Viridian Solar Announces Supply Agreement with Scotia Homes

November 2022

Scotia Homes Solar Panels

New homes at the Hazelwood development in Blairgowrie by Scotia Homes

Viridian Solar and Scotia Homes have signed a group deal under which the solar company will exclusively supply Clearline fusion roof integrated solar to those housing developments where solar is required.

Based in the north of Scotland, Scotia Homes builds contemporary 3,4- and 5-bedroom family homes with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency. From the layout of the development to the use of energy efficient technologies such as highly insulated floors, modern condensing boilers, energy monitors and solar panels, attention to detail results in lower bills for the homeowner. A new home built by Scotia Homes produces 8 tonnes fewer CO2 emissions each year than a typical 1900s house and 2.2 tonnes less than a 1960s house.

Scotia Homes has achieved certification under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) which means it has the ability to install Clearline fusion roof integrated solar panels with its own staff.

Jamie Berryman, Chief Sales Officer at Viridian Solar said:

"Our Clearline Fusion solar PV system is extremely popular in Scotland where the tough climate makes it the obvious choice. Its industry-leading wind resistance is achieved without modification to the roof which gives developers peace of mind. We're really pleased to be working alongside such a well-respected house builder as Scotia Homes, a relationship which goes all the way back to 2018."

Cameron Davidson, Plumbing and Electrical Manager at Scotia Homes said:

"We are delighted to be working with Viridian Solar, we have been using Clearline fusion for several years, the ease of use as well as the design service they provide ensures everything is always to a high standard. As demand for solar potentially increases due to building regulations we felt it was the right time to ensure the supply chain remains consistent."