Viridian Solar News - New ArcBox Mounting Options

Viridian Solar Announces New ArcBox Mounting Options

New Mounting Brackets Suitable for Use With Flat and Pitched Roof Solar Mounting Systems

June 2023

New ArcBox mounting options

Viridian Solar has announced new products that expand the mounting options for its increasingly popular ArcBox fire safety enclosure. The new brackets work with a wide range of solar panel mounting systems for both pitched roof and flat roof installation, including brands such as Esdec, Renusol, Schletter, K2 and Sunfixings.

Launched in 2022, the ArcBox has been recognised with four innovation awards including from Solar and Storage Live in the UK and Solar Solutions International in the Netherlands. By surrounding the DC connector with a high-temperature ceramic enclosure, ArcBox reduces the risk that an arc-fault condition in DC connectors will spread to surrounding combustible materials and develop into a damaging fire.

Jamie Berryman, CSO at Viridian Solar said:

"It's brilliant to win awards, but we will always get the most satisfaction from seeing ArcBox used more widely to help achieve higher levels of safety in our industry, so the increasing numbers we are shipping to customers each month is fantastic. Although our first target market for the ArcBox was for roof integrated solar where combustible roofing materials are in close proximity of the DC connectors, we are seeing a large number going onto solar systems on commercial rooftops and flat roofs as well, so developed special brackets to make life easier for solar installers working on these types of project."

new mounting bracket for ArcBox

ARC-M03 Bracket for Esdec FlatFix - Click Image to Animate

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