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Viridian Solar and Bancon Group Announce Supply Agreement

June 2023

Bancon Homes Solar Panels

New home at Aden Meadows development in Peterhead by Bancon Homes

Viridian Solar and Bancon Group have signed a group deal under which the housebuilder will exclusively use Clearline fusion roof integrated solar on those developments where solar is required until 2026. The deal also includes specifying the multi award winning ArcBox DC Connector Enclosure, a new solar safety product.

Founded in 1975 the Bancon Group started life as a small estate joinery business but has now grown to become one of the North East's leading construction organisations. Today the group consists of three companies, Bancon Homes, Bancon Construction and Deeside Timberframe. Between them they cover building both residential and commercial properties as well as designing and manufacturing timberframes.

Jamie Berryman, Chief Sales Officer at Viridian Solar said:

"Our Clearline fusion solar PV system is extremely popular throughout the UK and especially Scotland, where the tough climate makes it the obvious choice. Its industry-leading wind resistance is achieved without modification to the roof which gives developers peace of mind. We are delighted to agree on a formal relationship between both companies and look forward to seeing more well-designed and sustainable homes going forward. Along with making their solar installers even safer by adding the ArcBox with no hesitation."

Phil Lumsden, Commercial Director at the Bancon Group said:

"We are delighted to be working with Viridian Solar and have been using Clearline fusion for several years, the ease of use and the design service they provide ensures everything is always to a high standard. The fact we have been able to use multiple contractors to install Clearline fusion and still get the same quality is a real winner for us. The product and design services speak for themselves and are a no-brainer when considering solar PV for the new homes market."