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Viridian Solar Announces New Solar Inverter Products

Complete Solar Package Enables Housebuilders to Meet New Building Regulations from a Single Supplier

July 2023

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Viridian Solar has announced that its latest new product, Clearline Inverter, will be available in September. This new addition to the company's product range means that all the key components of a roof-integrated solar installation can now be sourced from a single supplier.

Developers of new housing in England and Wales are preparing to ramp up the deployment of solar to meet new building regulations that came into force last month. Large-scale projects to reduce energy bills for social housing are also underway, in many cases combining roof-integrated solar PV with the improvements to insulation and the installation of electric heating. Viridian Solar believes that the increased scale of deployment is encouraging many housebuilders and social housing providers to take control of the specification of the equipment that is being installed in their properties:

"We know from our conversations with leading housing developers and social landlords that they are looking for a simple and reliable solar system from one trusted brand," said Jamie Berryman, Chief Sales Officer at Viridian Solar. "Our new inverter products mean we are ready to offer the complete package, with the added benefit of UK-based technical and design support. In fact a number of our housebuilding partners have already added Clearline Inverter into their solar specification."

KT Tan, Chief Technical Officer at Viridian Solar added:

"Research on solar fire safety has highlighted that the two main points of failure in a solar PV system were the DC connectors and the DC isolation switch. Clearline Inverter will only be available with an integrated DC isolator switch, eliminating the risks associated with a site assembled external switch. By specifying Clearline Inverter, together with the ArcBox solar connector enclosure customers can be reassured that they are getting a solar installation with the highest possible level of safety. "