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Viridian Solar Racks up Another World First Environmental Product Declaration

First EPD for a Roof Integrated Solar Mounting System

July 2023

EPD for solar mounting system

Viridian Solar today announces that it has published a second Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), this time for the mounting kits of its Clearline fusion range of in-roof solar PV. In doing so it becomes the first manufacturer of roof integrated solar mounting kits to have certified its products.

An EPD for solar PV panels was recently published, and this certification is similarly the result of months of effort to accurately map supply chains and define component materials. The global warming impact and primary energy consumption associated with the solar mounting system is calculated from cradle to grave, from extraction of raw materials to disposal at end of life. Figures for other environmental impacts such as water consumption are also given.

The EPD was created according to ISO 14025:2006 and EN 15804:2012+A2:2019/AC: 2021 and has been checked and registered with The EPD International System, the world's first and most recognised EPD programme.

KT Tan, CTO at Viridian Solar said:

"We have been unable to find any other roof integrated solar product that has published an EPD at this time, marking another world-first for Viridian Solar. In combination with the EPD for our Clearline fusion solar panels, building designers can now assess the environmental impact of the complete solar roofing installation. Once EPDs become widely available for concrete and clay tiles we will be able to compare the embedded carbon of a solar roof taking into account the saving on the roof covering materials avoided, even before lifetime carbon savings from energy generation are taken into account."