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Viridian Solar Announces Sponsorship of Solar Stewardship Initiative

Support for Industry Led Assurance Scheme for Responsible and Transparent Solar Supply Chains

September 2023

Solar supply chain transparency

Viridian Solar announces that it has become a sponsor of the Solar Stewardship Initiative (SSI), a project established in 2022 by SolarPower Europe and Solar Energy UK.

The launch of the SSI is an important step along an ambitious journey to enhance sustainable development and responsible production across the board. The process was put under the spotlight and accelerated in response to concerns about a lack of transparency in PV supply chains.

With over 70 organisations working together - including solar manufacturers, developers, installers, and purchasers - the SSI is putting in place a critical Standard that is made up of three key sections, Environmental, Human and Labour Rights and Governance and Business Ethics. When the Standard rolls out next year, there will be an Assurance System to ensure participating sitesí compliance with the SSI Standard can be certified through an independent third party audit. In addition, the SSI will ensure civil society, academia and other non-industry stakeholders are involved in its governance.

Dr KT Tan, Chief Technology Officer at Viridian Solar said:

"Viridian Solar is committed to ensuring responsible sourcing for our products. By participating in the development of an industry-led assurance scheme, we work closely with all stakeholders to raise the bar for the transparency in the global supply-chain; this is crucial in upholding the integrity of the solar industry and building confidence in the sustainability of the solar value chain."

Alexia Ruvoletto, lead on the SSI at SolarPower Europe said:

"The Solar Stewardship Initiative is the product of years of hard work and exchange with the entire solar value chain. Weíre delighted that Viridian Solar has endorsed the SSIís role in reinforcing a responsible, transparent, and sustainable solar value chain."