Clearline EV - Electric Vehicle Charging
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Smart EV Charging

Power your car with Solar Energy

Discreet, sleek and powerful. Clearline EV is the perfect complement to Clearline fusion roof integrated solar panels.

  • Drive on Sunshine - charge your car with power from your solar panels.
  • Compact and Powerful - 7kW in the footprint of an A5 sheet.
  • Simple Installation - No need for earth rods - built in PEN conductor protection.
  • Peace of Mind - 3 year warranty.

Simple control from the palm of your hand using the EO app.

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new homes with solar pv and ev charging

Perfect for New Build Housing

Part S building regulations introduce a requirement for new homes with off-street parking to be fitted with an EV charger as standard. With more and more new homes coming with solar PV panels, the solar charging functionality of Clearline EV really fits the bill. Add to this its simple installation and discreet kerb appeal, and Clearline EV is the perfect solution for housebuilders building to the new regulations.

EV charger for Part S Building regulations

Small but Powerful

A discreet and stylish addition to your home

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Drive on Sunshine

For homes equipped with solar panels, Clearline EV monitors the amount of surplus solar power being generated (the amount by which solar generation exceeds other electrical demands in the building). You can set the charging rate to track the surplus solar power in the EO app. In this mode Clearline EV will control the charging rate to follow surplus solar generation between a maximum of 7kW and a minimum safe charging power of 1.4kW, ensuring that, as far as is possible, your car is filled up with clean, free solar energy.

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Active Load Management

Active Load Management is also included as a standard option. Clearline EV monitors the electrical current flowing into the building and adjusts its charging rate to keep the total current below a set maximum value, protecting electrical circuits in the building.

Simple, User-friendly Control in the Palm of Your Hand

With the EO app, controlling Clearline EV couldn't be easier. You can schedule charging times to take advantage of low-cost energy tariffs, set Clearline EV to track the generation from your solar panels and disable the charger when you're not home.

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