Roof Integrated Solar PV Panels

Panel Options

Clearline fusion PV16 solar PV panels for roof integration are available in a range of sizes and power outputs. Combined with the ability to install in both portrait or landscape, this gives building designers and installers options to either maximise the power output of the available roof area, or to cost-effectively deliver a particular target power (for example to meet Building Regulations).

The panels use high power monocrystalline silicon solar cells, cut from a block of silicon that has been grown as a single crystal. This produces cells with deep black colour and a very high degree of colour uniformity both across the panel and between different panels.

M10 Monocrystalline

Our highest power panels combine monocrystalline silicon cells with a black backing sheet and a black frame for the last word in high specification aesthetics. Available as a 405Wp panel (product code PV16-405-M10), the M10 panel has the highest power density (Wp/m2) and efficiency in the range.

Size 1,134mm x 1,722mm

Efficiency 21.5%

G1 Monocrystalline

The G1 modules are available as 335Wp with a black backing sheet (product code PV16-335-G1), or in 340Wp with a white backing sheet (product code PV16-340-G1). G1 modules have a slightly lower power density than the M10 panels, but depending on the roof dimensions the more compact G1 may give the roof a higher total power output by leaving a smaller margin at the roof edges.

Size 1,000mm x 1,686mm

Efficiency 20.7% / 21.0%


We continue to support legacy projects with 270Wp polycrystalline panels (PV16-270-PB and PV16-270-PW), but do not recommend their use for new projects.

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