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"Yesterday, we completed our first Viridian Solar install, and I can confirm I love the stuff for many reasons.

  • How neat and sleek it all looks
  • How well it integrates into the roof
  • How each kit contains exactly what you need for that section.
  • How once you get the hang of it, it flies up.
  • However, although there is a lot of packaging, it is 100% recyclable.
  • How they will plant 1 tree for every panel purchased.

Stuart Cato EngTech MInstRE, Director, Cato Electrical Services Ltd

flush fitting solar replacing tiles

"We choose Viridian Solar as our integrated roof PV supplier due to the quality of the product and the ease of install. We have found the team at Viridian to be extremely professional. There product support is excellent and we would recommend them highly. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future."

Neville Bell, Solmatix Limited

"Avonside Renewables has used many roof integrated solar PV mounting systems. Whilst each has its pros and cons, we feel that Clearline Fusion from Viridian Solar offers simple packaging and quick installation, while providing the best quality and aesthetics available on the market."

"The fact that no additional third party product is required, for instance support timber or lead / lead replacement flashing, is very attractive to our business and means our internal ordering process has reduced. The different panel wattage options means we are able to consider cost efficiency vs output; rarely do we look elsewhere to meet higher output requirements on tight roof spaces. The simple and clear to understand installation guide is refreshing. Although we have an in-house design team, the design support function provided by Viridian Solar has come to be invaluable in support of our own, and frankly is top class. The team at Viridian Solar has provided Avonside Renewables with numerous training days, helping us to achieve the best results possible."

Etienne Hillaire, Avonside Renewables

flush fitting solar replacing tiles

Development by David Wilson Homes, Clearline fusion installed by Avonside Renewables

development of homes with inline solar

Development of new homes by Taylor Wimpey, Clearline fusion installed by Photon Energy

"We first installed Viridianís Clearline Fusion integrated solar PV system in early 2016 at the Leybourne Grange development in West Malling, Kent. We were so impressed by the ease of installation, the design and aesthetics of the system that we immediately switched over two other large projects to Clearline Fusion. Nowadays, when it comes to roof integrated PV, we rarely install anything other than Viridian."

Jonathan Bates, Photon Energy

development of homes with inline solar

Development of new homes in Glasgow, Clearline fusion installed by Ingen Energy

"Here at Ingen Energy we made the decision after the regulations changed in May 2016 to install only Viridian Solar, it was a natural choice as their kit met all the right criteria and removed any ambiguity when selecting a system. It was also great for us in Scotland, with its high wind uplift rating it removed any concerns about making sure we were selecting a system that could actually be installed in any location. As well as the previous points the guys really like fitting it - the speed with which they can install a system means it works out very cost effective compared to other systems on the market."

"To top it off the guys back in head office are first class, you get great service and no matter who picks up the phone they're always very helpful with any inquiry."

Ivan Aitken, Ingen Energy

"The Clearline Fusion product comes with a wide range of benefits. Its ease of installation, robust nature of fixing and highly desirable aesthetic qualities make it perfect solution for our fully integrated roofing and solar offering. The fact it is adaptable to both tiled and slated roof situations and blends so well with all of our core roof covering products is a clear winner for us and our clients."

Steve Scott, Forster Roofing

flush fitting solar replacing tiles

Bellway Homes, Broxden, Clearline fusion installed by Forster Group

"After a thorough assessment of all the options for solar PV, we decided that the Clearline Fusion system from Viridian Solar offered us the best combination of quality, value and excellent aesthetics. Its high wind resistance, achieved without modification to the roof structure, gives us confidence to install across the UK while the proprietary fixing kits will help us ensure durable, safe and compliant installations every time."

Jamie Bursnell, Persimmon Homes

flush fitting solar replacing tiles

Persimmon Homes development in Banbury with Clearline fusion roof integrated solar