Solar Briefings and Case Studies



performance of solar panels installed in the roof

008 The Energy Performance of In-roof PV

Solar panels installed in the roofline have lower levels of free ventilation and operate at higher temperatures than systems installed on rails above the roof covering. But how much does this actually affect the energy yield from PV panels?

performance of solar panels installed in the roof

009 - MCS012 - Pitch Perfect

What the introduction of MCS012 means for solar installers. How the new requirements for wind uplift resistance, fire ratings and weathertightness impact roof integrated solar systems.

fire regulations and solar panels

007 - Complying with Regulations on Fire

Building Regulations control the installation of roof integrated solar systems, which must have a fire rating for the external spread of flame. What this means for solar installers.

wind loading of solar panels

006 - Wind Uplift for Solar

How to ensure that the solar system you are fitting has a high enough wind load rating for the location you intend to install it. The difference between the wind loads on solar systems installed above the roof and integrated in the roof.

wind loading of solar panels

004 - SAP 2012 - Solar Calculation

The latest version of the government's SAP calculation is important in calculating Energy Performance Certificates and for the energy performance of new homes. Find out what's changed for solar.

wind loading of solar panels

002 - MCS PV Solar Energy Calculation

A review of the changes to the solar energy estimation method required by MIS3002 for MCS installers.

wind loading of solar panels

001 - EU Solar Antidumping Investigation

The European Union has started an investigation into alleged anti-competitive practices by Chinese solar PV manufacturers. This briefing outlines the process that they will go through and what it might mean for the european solar industry.